About the Founder

I am Julita.

I am the Founder, the Heart & the Soul of the JUST-A-DETAIL's Brand.

I am Art historian, Designer and Poetic Soul.

I am Polish by birth, Italian (Roman) by heart & soul and Spanish by acquired family bonds.

I am passionate and infinitely curious about Creative World, Art, Fashion and Piano Music (I have an endless admiration for Frederic Chopin).

Studies in Art History discovered me an incredibly plenteous Universe with thousand years of human's genius creativity and this still keeps me in a close appreciative relation to it via artworks, artists and people with similar view. Love for all that and an appreciation of Beauty with all it comprises shaped my aesthetic taste. 

I love to create, both art works and clothing. I decided to found the JUST-A-DETAIL's Brand, to share my world with similar souls who feel more deeply and sees beyond the obvious. I design for women who appriciate details as in clothing as in life. I create for women with the unique poetic beauty seeking eyes.

My mission is to make you will feel chic, noble and unique. My mission is to unfold your own beauty and to compliment a beautiful and unique picture of you! 

Welcome to JUST-A-DETAIL® World!