About the Brand

We are a slow fashion brand dedicated to limited productions of handcrafted
unique, haute couture that brings the poetry of ribbons. 
  We love ribbons for it's poetry and remarkable versatility, that is why details distinguishing our designs are made of ribbons present in most of garments we do. 
Every piece is unique and made without compromise. In our small atelier you will find ethically & slowly handmade Chic Casual Universe: triangle scarfs with ribbons (with patented design), hair scarfs & ties, faux fur collars, wrap around skirts and dresses, linen blouses and Travel Wraps. All these are thought to be sustainable, made just in ONE-OFF piece and MADE-TO-ORDER to avoid producing stock.
Our motto is: “It’s the detail that makes a difference!” Because we believe in the power of detail with its chic, feminine and sophisticated touch.
Our creations with ribbons are designed for authentic, sophisticated and poetic souls; we create for woman who feel more deeply and sees beyond the obvious; a woman who is passionate about the creative world: Art, Music and Literature; a woman who stays curious all her life and appriciates smallest details; a woman with the unique poetic beauty seeking eye.
Welcome to JUST-A-DETAIL® World!
Designed for sophisticated and poetic beauty seeking souls