J-A-D Travel Wraps

Collection of refined and versatile cashmere wool Wraps to keep you warm.

The Wrap is made from a blend of Cashmere and Wool and can be worn in a number of ways and can top a number of different outfits from casual to more dressy. Cashmere being a fine and delicate type of wool will give to the Wrap a soft touch. Wool, a durable and natural fiber made from the wool of sheep will keep you warm.

You can use it as: 

- a scarf or a shawl loosely worn over the shoulders.

- as a poncho adjustable around your waist with Cashmere Wool Belt decorated with velvet ribbon.

- as a travel accessory to keep you warm like a blanket on plane and train rides.

Tha Wrap has decorative ruffles at both ends and two small holes for the belt.

One size.

Open format.

Large oversized style.

Handmade in Spain.